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Die Portugiesischen Prog-Metaller DESTROYERS OF ALL mit neuem Album Die Portugiesischen Prog-Metaller DESTROYERS OF ALL mit neuem Album
Die Prog-Metaller DESTROYERS OF ALL aus Portugal bringen 2016 ihr erstes Album “Bleak Fragments” beim nagelneuen Label Mosher Records heraus. Aufgenommen wurde das Album... Die Portugiesischen Prog-Metaller DESTROYERS OF ALL mit neuem Album

Die Prog-Metaller DESTROYERS OF ALL aus Portugal bringen 2016 ihr erstes Album “Bleak Fragments” beim nagelneuen Label Mosher Records heraus. Aufgenommen wurde das Album in den Golden Jack Studios Coimbra. Zehn dynamische Songs, virtuos und mitreißend. Wer da nicht ausgiebigst sein Haar schüttelt, dem kann nicht geholfen werden

Portuguese prog-death metallers Destroyers of All will release their first full-length “Bleak Fragments” on March 18th, through the newly founded Mosher Records.

destroyers of all, foto: miguel pires

destroyers of all, Foto: miguel pires

Destroyers of All is a prog-death metal band from Coimbra, Portugal, founded in 2011. The band’s sound is a blend of diverse musical influences from various styles ranging from thrash, death, and even black metal, to the hard rock and progressive metal styles.

The album was recorded at Golden Jack Studios Coimbra, the follow up to critically acclaimed EP “Into the Fire” (2013) features ten songs packed with mad riffs, virtuoso lead work, intricate dynamics that will catch you off-guard and a dark vocal delivery that ties together this complex gem.

On working with producer João Dourado (Terror Empire), the band stated “he knows us better that anyone else, and mainly, he knows our sound and how we want to mould it, and that makes it all easier to work with.”

Regarding the album concept, vocalist João Mateus says “the main focus is the real world, it is what inspires us. Each song has it’s own identity, it’s own story and concept. They may not have a direct link or sequence, but they only make sense when coming together on our record.”

The band reached out to indonesian artist Silencer8 (As I Lay Dying, Kylesa, Caliban, Suicide Silence) for the album cover. “It was awesome to see he was extremely interested in working with us.”, the band reveals. “So we passed on

destroyers of all, Foto: miguel pires

destroyers of all, Foto: miguel pires

the themes our music gravites around and some pre-productions of ‘Bleak Fragments’” – the result is an impressive piece of art, as intricate as the music itself.

Destroyers of All will promote the new album with live gigs starting in 2016, and the band has the intention to expand their touring schedule beyond the national borders.

“Bleak Fragments” will have worldwide distribution and will also be available through the usual digital marketplaces and streaming platforms. Pre-orders will be available soon through the Mosher website.


João Mateus (Vocals), Alexandre Correia (Lead Guitar), Guilherme Busato (Rhythm Guitar), Bruno da Silva (Bass Guitar), Filipe Gomes (Drums)

Discography:  Into the Fire (EP – 2013) – Self Released Bleak Fragments (2016) – Mosher Records

Videography: “Into the Fire” (2013) – Produced by: Carlos Calika and Destroyers of All

The first EP “Into the Fire” was released in 2013, gathering very positive reviews from all over the world. Destroyers of All signed with Mosher Records to release their second effort, “Bleak Fragments” in March 18, 2016. The band is currently active and booking shows.

destroyers of all - bleak fragments cover

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