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Ein Live-Album während der Pandemie aufzunehmen und zu veröffentlichen klingt irgendwie außergewöhnlich. Genau das machen LACUNA COIL mit ihrem neuen Live-Album, das passenderweise „Live... LACUNA COIL – LIVE FROM THE APOCALYPSE

Ein Live-Album während der Pandemie aufzunehmen und zu veröffentlichen klingt irgendwie außergewöhnlich. Genau das machen LACUNA COIL mit ihrem neuen Live-Album, das passenderweise „Live From The Apocalypse“ heißt.  

    Ein Live-Album zu Corona-Zeiten? LACUNA COIL wagen genau dieses. Da es sich dabei natürlich nicht um ein Konzert im normalen Sinn handeln kann, gehen LACUNA COIL besondere Wege. Im September 2020 veranstalteten LACUNA COIL einen speziellen Live Stream Event im berühmten Alcatraz Club in ihrer Heimatstadt Mailand. Dieser Event fand natürlich ohne die Energie und den Enthusiasmus der Fans statt, die lediglich online partizipieren konnten. Dennoch ließen LACUNA COIL mit viel Eigenenergie und Spielfreude ihr letztes Album „Black Anima“ live auferstehen und veröffentlichen den Streaming Event nun als „Live From The Apocalypse“ am 25.06.2021.

Die besondere Atmosphäre beschreibt Sänger Andrea Ferro: “On one hand, it felt awkward to play for a huge empty room, but, on the other hand, it felt great to finally reconnect with our fans at home and with the people working behind the scenes. A lot of people enjoyed the show—it was definitely a one-off event loaded with a lot of emotions and feelings. Live from the Apocalypse is an opportunity to offer a new release to our fans while the COVID-19 crisis is still a real thing, affecting them and us. The live album represents a unique moment in our career (and life) that will be forever remembered as that one time when we literally ‘rose from the Apocalypse.’” Über die Songauswahl für den Event und das Live-Album erzählt er zudem: “The setlist was entirely based on our latest record Black Anima. Many of the songs were performed live for the very first time. This includes the bonus tracks on Black Anima. So, the show itself was a way to say that we had and still have no intention of stopping. That there is still hope, even if in that specific moment things were looking pretty dark and hopeless. The idea of the release came immediately after the live stream gig. When the fans started to ask for it and when we realized that the material was pretty intense and worth being released, that’s when Live from the Apocalypse became a physical reality.”

„Live From The Apocalypse“ ist natürlich mit einem normalen Live-Album nicht zu vergleichen. Dennoch war es das Ziel der Band, den Sound so nah wie möglich an eine Live-Performance heranzubekommen – kraftvoll, laut und live. Zum Sound des Albums erklärt Ferro: “We like live albums that are not too overproduced. We wanted Live from the Apocalypse to sound well but also real—it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the record. Sometimes you have live recordings that have a lot of technical problems. For instance, the vocal mics sometime pick up the other instruments. The noise can be so loud that it’s hard to hear the vocals. This requires a lot of studio work, often whatever it takes to fix the audio problem. We were very careful this time. Luckily, the original board audio didn’t require a lot of work.

Schließlich findet der LACUNA COIL-Sänger auch noch ein paar Worte in Richtung eines neuen Studioalbums: “We’re currently in the very early phase of writing a new album. It’s been a weird year and it’s been tough to mentally get out of the standby situation that our lives have been forced into. Instead of experiencing the outside world we have to dig deep inside ourselves in order to find the right inspiration, but as always the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not staying where you are.”


  1. Anima Nera 01:56
  2. Sword Of Anger 03:25
  3. Save Me 04:30
  4. Now Or Never 04:20
  5. Reckless 03:06
  6. Through The Flames 05:11
  7. Apocalypse 04:12
  8. Black Feathers 04:10
  9. Under The Surface 04:15
  10. The End Is All I Can See 04:00
  11. Veneficium 06:04
  12. Black Dried Up Heart 03:49
  13. Bad Things 03:11
  14. Layers Of Time 04:03
  15. Black Anima 03:19
  16. Save Me 04:07


Line up:

Cristina Scabbia – Vocals

Andrea Ferro – Vocals

Diego Cavallotti – Guitars

Marco Coti Zelati – Bass, Keyboards, Guitars

Richard Meiz – Drums


Review: Michael Glaeser


Veröffentlichungstermin: 25.06.2021


Label: Century Media


Video auf Youtube von „Bad Things (Live From The Apocalypse)“:


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