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Interview with VOLBEAT bass player Kaspar Boye Larsen – English version – part 3 Interview with VOLBEAT bass player Kaspar Boye Larsen – English version – part 3
The Danish rock band VOLBEAT is currently touring Germany, among others, with BARONESS and DANKO JONES. On November 7th VOLBEAT performed in the Frankfurt... Interview with VOLBEAT bass player Kaspar Boye Larsen – English version – part 3

The Danish rock band VOLBEAT is currently touring Germany, among others, with BARONESS and DANKO JONES. On November 7th VOLBEAT performed in the Frankfurt Festhalle. Before the gig, the extremely sympathetic bass player Kaspar Boye Larsen gave an extensive interview to Lydia and Michael from the team. Among other things, Kaspar answered many private questions. Read the third and last part of the three-part interview series here on

We have a few standard personal questions that we would like to ask you. Is it okay?

Kaspar: Sure, of course, ask whatever you want.

What is your favorite animal?

Kaspar: Cats. I have two cats at home.

Your favorite movie?

Kaspar: Blade Runner

Your favorite book?

Kaspar: That is clearly “crime and punishment” by Dostojewski. The book really impressed me. But mostley I read more science fiction.

Kaspar Boye Larsen Volbeat © Polwin-Plass_Festhalle_FFM_391

Your favorite food?

Kaspar: Pizza, definitely! (Laughing)

Your favorite drink?

Kaspar: Some good beer. I love beer.

Which one do you like most?

Kaspar: We currently have Newcastle Brown Ale in the fridge.

Your hobby, besides music?

Kaspar: I also record music. I have my own studio. Otherwise I am very interested in bonsai trees. And I have aquariums.

What is your favorite travel destination?

Kaspar: Italy. I love Italy. A friend of mine lives there and I have visited him very often. He then he brings me out to some small villages and other beautiful places.

In which region?

Kaspar: He lives in Milan. He always shows me the surroundings. More in the north. Towards Genoa. A couple of smaller lakes. I just can’t remember the names right now. But none of the big lakes was there. But I especially love the food in Italy. Especially the pizza. (Laughing)

Is there anything you can’t master at all?

Kaspar: I’m really bad at speaking in front of a lot of people. I have no problem playing my instrument in front of many people because I feel secure doing it. But standing in front of a large audience and talking is not my thing. I hate giving speeches. But there are a lot of things that I’m not good at, but that’s one of them. (Laughing)

Lydia und Kaspar von Volbeat

What is your biggest fear?

Kaspar: That something happens to my children.

How old are your children?

Kaspar: I have two sons. One is three and a half. The other one just came one year before we went on tour. That means lots of sleepless nights. Just when the big one finally slept through, we had our second son. We had the same sleepless nights again. It’s tough, but it’s great.

Is there anything you really hate?

Kaspar: What I really hate is that right-wing extremists in Europe and the USA are getting stronger. I hate that. I hate Nazis. More than ever. You can write that like that. What the hell is going on.

What do you love most

Kaspar: That might be a cliché, but besides my family, I just love music the most. I’ve been doing this my whole life – since I was 7. Music is really my life. I love music. I love making music. I love to record music or to write music.

What music do you listen to yourself?

Kaspar: I listen to very different things. A lot of punk, hardcore and grindcore, but also indie and alternative. I grew up with THE CURE and THE SMITHS. In addition to punk, of course. I like that kind of emotional music. But I listen to everything. Well, maybe I don’t like techno.

Your greatest wish for yourself?

Kaspar: That may sound a little weird, but I’m living my dream that I had 10 years ago. If I could choose two wishes, I would wish that my children have happy and satisfied lifes with their lives when they grow up. Because I’m very satisfied myself right now. Of course I would also like to have a nice car, but that’s a different plan. (Laughing)

Michael und Kaspar von Volbeat

Your greatest wish for the world?

Kaspar: Socialism. Peace. And that we survive this climate change. That is my wish for the world.

What do you want to say to your fans?

Kaspar: That we are so greatful, that the fans listen to our music, buy our albums and come to our shows. That means everything for us. They are the reason why we do all that. They are the reason why I can live the way I’m doing and make music all day. It’s the same with the others in the band. That’s what we love, playing music and we are grateful for that. Thank you! Is all I can say

What do you want to tell the world?

Kaspar: Stop eating so much meat. (laughs) If I had had more time, I would have had a few better answers.

Are you a vegetarian?

Kaspar: Yes.

Thank you for the nice interview.

Kaspar: Wow, it was a great interview, I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

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