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ALTER BRIDGE neues Album “The Last Hero” erscheint am 7. 10. ALTER BRIDGE neues Album “The Last Hero” erscheint am 7. 10.
Endlich ist es wieder so weit. ALTER BRIDGE bescheren uns ein neues Album. "The Last Hero" erscheint am 7. October 2016 bei Napalm... ALTER BRIDGE neues Album “The Last Hero” erscheint am 7. 10.

Endlich ist es wieder so weit. ALTER BRIDGE bescheren uns ein neues Album.  “The Last Hero” erscheint am 7. October 2016 bei Napalm Records. Es ist ein Album voller Gefühl, Poesie und Kraft. Auch mit ihrer fünften CD überzeugen Alter Bridge mit Sicherheit nicht nur ihre eingefleischten Fans von ihrem Können, sondern auch durchaus Anhänger anderer Genres.

Melodienreichtum, eine angenehme Gesangsstimme, durchgängig Klargesang, mitreißende Rhythmen, rockig-metallisch coole Gitarrenparts….. so kennt man Alter Bridge, die Splitterband der Band CREED seit Jahren. Und nichts hat sich geändert. Gott sei Dank! Denn das macht die amerikanische Band ja aus. Sie bleibt ihrem Stil absolut treu. Vor drei Jahren erschien das letzte Album von Alter Bridge “Fortress”. Seitdem warten die Fans sehnsüchtig auf die Rückkehr der Amerikaner. Und da sind sie endlich wieder, die vier Helden der Rockmusik.

Sänger Myles Kennedy, Gitarrist Mark Tremonti, Bassist Brian Marshall und Drummer Scott Phillips haben ihren fünften Longplayer “The Last Hero” im Gepäck. Ein Monolith, der wie die anderen Alben auch von dem einzigartigen Sound lebt, den Alter Bridge über die Jahre hinweg etabliert haben. Mit kraftvollen Gesangsmelodien, erhabenen Gitarrenduellen und druckvollen Rhythmen überzeugt auch das neue Album in jeder Hinsicht.

Alter Bridge - The Last Hero

Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

Im Gegensatz zur etwas düsteren Atmosphäre vom Vorgänger “Fortress” platzt “The Last Hero” förmlich vor dem unbändigen Willen, niemals aufzugeben: „Show me a leader that won`t compromise – show me a leader so hope never dies“ fordert Myles Kennedy im Opener ‘Show Me A Leader’ – der erste Track aus einer Reihe von gnadenlos treibenden High-Energy-Hard-Rock-Reißern.

Und natürlich vernachlässigen Alter Bridge auch im neuen Album ihren Hang zu balladesken Nummern nicht.  ‘Cradle To The Grave’ und ‘You Will Be Remembered’ bilden träumerische Inseln zwischen schnellen, derben und extrem eingängigen Songs wie etwa der Rock-Hymne ‘Losing Patience’. Und eines ist sicher: Der kolossale Ohrwurm ‘My Champion’ wird bald aus tausenden von Metalhead-Kehlen erschallen!

Produziert wurde das neue Meisterwerk der CREED Ableger von Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Slash, Trivium, Tremonti etc.) und Grammy-Gewinner Ted Jensen wurde es gemastered.  The Last Herozeigt sich so vielseitig und resolut, wie wir es kaum zu erträumen wagten. Willkommen zurück, Alter Bridge!

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Bandgeschichte von Alter Bridge

2004 gegründet, ließ sich der Vierer direkt das Debüt One Day Remains in den USA vergolden – doch das sollte nur der Anfang sein. Mit jedem Release schossen Alter Bridge verlässlich in die Top Charts. Die WWE bediente sich gerne bei AB-Riffs und Songs und die Hallen waren und sind rappelvoll! auch in Europa. “Fortress” aus dem Jahre 2013 bescherte der Band ihre bislang größten Charterfolge in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und UK.

Founded in 2004, the quartet immediately went gold in the US with their debut album One Day Remains – and that was just the beginning. Each and every subsequent critically acclaimed release would hit the top album charts in Alter Bridge`s home country, find partnerships with the likes of WWE, MLB and ESPN, and concerts around the globe created a legion of supporters known as the AB Nation! Europe also pledged their allegiance. Alter Bridge`s 2013 effort Fortress gave the band their highest chart entries in Germany, the UK, Austria and Switzerland.

The Last Hero creates musical imagery to showcase a common theme that runs throughout the record: paying tribute to, and touching on the need for heroes and leaders in a complex world. “Show me a leader that won`t compromise – show me a leader so hope never dies“ Myles Kennedy demands in the opening track “Show Me A Leader” – the first of a row of no-holds-barred, high-energy rockers. Of course Alter Bridge haven`t abandoned their knack for quieter, emotional interludes either. Songs such as “Cradle To The Grave‘ and “You Will Be Remembered” nestle comfortably in between fast-paced, and catchy tunes like “Losing Patience” and “Poison In Your Veins.” One thing is for sure: the glorious splendor of ‘My Champion‘ is sure to be an immediate fan favorite!

Produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Slash, Trivium, Tremonti etc) and mastered by Grammy award winner Ted Jensen, The Last Hero is the diversified and resolute rock album we have all been waiting for: welcome back, Alter Bridge!

Kommentare der Band

Every time we do a record, my only goal is for people to simply think it’s better than the previous one,” declares Mark. “We pushed ourselves so hard last time, and we knew were going to push ourselves much harder here. When we brought material in, it had to outdo Fortress.”

We always strive for that,” agrees Myles. “While recognizing where we’ve come from, we wanted to expand what Alter Bridge is. This record is definitely an exploration of the hero theme—whether it be the lack of heroes, the need for heroes, or a tribute to heroes. There’s a story in there.”

Myles wrapped up touring with Slash, and Mark finished up a successful run supporting his second solo album Cauterize in late 2015. By January 2016, the four members congregated back in Orlando with longtime producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette [Slash, Trivium]. Over the next four months, they diligently assembled and tracked the 13 songs comprising The Last Hero.

Because we have very finite windows of time to put these records together, it’s nonstop when we regroup,” explains Myles. “Each writer is very involved.”

We’d work all day in the studio, and Myles and I would go back to my house and come up with ideas all night,” recalls Mark. “We set up camp in my kids’ playroom with a Garage Band system to prepare for the next day. It was intense.”

Constantly progressing, the boys decided to employ some fresh techniques, utilize more alternate tunings and even recorded on a seven-string guitar for the first time.

We don’t want to put out the same thing over and over again,” Tremonti continues. “We want to keep everyone guessing. There are three new tunings, and that helped keep us inspired. I’d never recorded on a seven-string until now. This is the first record where Myles planned out his solos beforehand. In the past, he would wing it with this magical, improvisational touch. What he did is amazing. Me and Slash have both said he’s the best guitar player in our bands.”

We weren’t afraid to travel certain roads we might’ve been hesitant to venture down on the last two albums,” adds Myles. “As a result, some of the songs are more uplifting and melodic. There was certainly a psychological shift. We embraced the past. You hear elements of each record throughout our history.”

The Last Hero opens with the urgent, untamed, and undeniable “Show Me A Leader.” Following an intricate clean intro, the song gallops into a rapturous chant punctuated by fierce and fiery seven-string shredding. It’s a clarion call for the next phase of Alter Bridge.

Lyrically, it definitely reflects the frustration a lot of people are feeling with the current state of the world,” admits Myles. “The world is looking for trustworthy effective leadership and not this undignified dog and pony show that’s really made a mockery of our system.”

It’s indicative of our process,” Mark goes on. “Myles had this guitar intro that I loved, and I had the chorus. We put them together. The words call out for a proper leader.”

“My Champion” climbs from a swell of delay into an impressive guitar lick before Myles delivers one of the most spirited choruses of their career to date. “The lyric was actually inspired by thinking back to my situation as a kid,” he remembers. “I was this really small, underdeveloped kid who had to work extremely hard to keep up with all of my peers. It was very frustrating. I would hear a lot of words of encouragement from parents, coaches, or teachers though. A lot of those things were stored away, and they manifested themselves in this song. I’ve been able to apply some of those concepts in my life a thousand times over since then.”

Then, there’s “Poison in Your Veins,” which channels an airy refrain through a whirlwind of guitar Sturm und Drang. “This song showcases the inner dialogue in one’s head; serving as reminder to live life courageously, take chances, and ultimately believe in yourself. It’s not a new theme for us, but definitely one that can never be overstated,” explains Myles.

Tremonti adds: “We wanted to make it as musically interesting as possible, while preserving a hook.”

Losing Patience” tempers a bombastic drum groove with an ominous and poignant proclamation, while the ballad “You Will Be Remembered” evinces another side of the sound. “It’s a tribute to heroes like anybody who’s served the country or community,” Myles remarks. “The song touches on the ultimate sacrifice soldiers, police, and firemen are willing to give.”

Nearing seven minutes, the title track and finale ebbs and flows between hypnotic heaviness and an instrumental elegance that’s cinematic in scope. “That’s probably my favorite track,” he states. “Whether it’s today, 100 years ago, or 1,000 years ago, being a human on this planet is never easy. We’re going through a lot. The need for heroes, positive influences, and good leadership is obvious, but we definitely need it right now.”

Fans love the epic side of Alter Bridge,” Mark says. “We tried to stretch the boundaries again. The arrangement isn’t typical at all. It’s an important moment for the record.”

Ultimately, Alter Bridge heroically deliver for fans worldwide and rock music at large.

It’s good to be back in the Alter Bridge battle,” Myles leaves off. “Every time we do a record, I’m reminded of how great it is to have this passionate and loyal audience. We don’t take it lightly. We consider it an honor that people let us into their lives that way.”

Release Date: 07.10.2016 world excl. North America
Tour Dates:

With: Special Guest TBC, Like A Storm
04.11.16 ESP – BILBAO / Santana 27
05.11.16 ESP – BARCELONA / Razzmatazz
08.11.16 Fr – PARIS / Zenith
09.11.16 B – BRUSSELS / AB
10.11.16 NL – AMSTERDAM / HMH
13.11.16 DE – BERLIN / Columbiahalle
14.11.16 AUT – VIENNA / Gasometer
16.11.16 PL – KATOWICE / Spodek
18.11.16 SE – STOCKHOLM / Annexet
20.11.16 NO – OSLO / Sentrum Scene
21.11.16 DK – COPENHAGEN / Vega Main Hall

With: Volbeat, Gojira, Like A Storm
23.11.16 UK – MANCHESTER / Arena
24.11.16 UK – LONDON / O2 Arena
26.11.16 UK – NOTTINGHAM / Motorpoint Aren
27.11.16 UK – BIRMINGHAM / Genting Arena
28.11.16 UK – CARDIFF / Motorpoint Arena
01.12.16 UK – GLASGOW / Hydro
02.12.16 UK – LEEDS / First Direct Arena

With: Gojira, Like A Storm
04.12.16 DE – FRANKFURT / Jahrhunderthalle
05.12.16 DE – COLOGNE / Palladium
06.12.16 DE – HAMBURG / Mehrl Theater
09.12.16 IT – BOLOGNA / Unipol Arena
10.12.16 DE – MUNICH / Zenith
11.12.16 CH – BASEL / Jakobshalle

Myles Kennedy – Vocals, Guitar
Mark Tremonti – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Marshall – Bass
Scott Phillips – Drums
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