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Alice Cooper – ROAD Alice Cooper – ROAD
ALICE COOPER kündigt brandneues Album an. ROAD erscheint am 25. AUGUST via earMUSIC. Erste Single "I'm Alice" gerade veröffentlicht. Alice Cooper – ROAD

ALICE COOPER kündigt sein brandneues Album an. ROAD erscheint am 25. AUGUST via earMUSIC. Jetzt hat er zur Vorfreude seiner Fans die erste Single „I’m Alice“ veröffentlicht.

Alice Cooper, das ikonische Rock and Roll Hall of Fame®-Mitglied, gibt auf seinem neuen Soloalbum „Road“ Vollgas und enthüllte bereits am 14. Juni seine erste Single „I’m Alice“.

Produziert von Bob Ezrin, wurde das Album mit seiner aktuellen Touring-Band geschrieben, komponiert und aufgenommen. Mit seiner Entschlossenheit und jeder Menge Lust schließt es den Kreis und verkörpert Alice Coopers Old School-Spirit. Es ist alles, was sich ein Fan erhofft, und noch viel mehr. Und dieses Mal sind seine langjährigen Bandkollegen Ryan Roxie [Gitarre], Chuck Garric [Bass], Tommy Henrikson [Gitarre], Glen Sobel [Schlagzeug] und Nita Strauss [Gitarre] auch noch mit von der Partie.

Auf Road wollte ich, dass die Band an der Entstehung aller Songs beteiligt ist„, sagt Alice. „Ich sehe die Jungs und Nita nur, wenn wir auf Tour sind. Ich wollte also, dass sie so tight wie bei den Live-Gigs sind, aber eben mit ganz neuem Material. Genau das war der Ansatz für diese Platte. Wenn man eine Band hat, die so fantastisch wie meine ist, sollte man auch mit ihnen angeben – und das Album ist meine Art, eben das zu tun.“

Der Album-Opener und erste Single „I’m Alice“ gibt mit seinem staubigen Drumbeat und den in der Ferne heulenden Gitarren den Ton des Albums an. Man erkennt Alice Handschrift sofort: „I know you’re looking for a real good time. So, let me introduce you to a friend of mine. I’m Alice. I’m the Master of Madness; the Sultan of Surprise…so don’t be afraid, just look into my eyes.

Das neue Video “I’m Alice“ könnt ihr hier ansehen

„Road“ Tracklist (CD/2LP):
Side A:
1. I’m Alice
2. Welcome To The Show
3. All Over The World

Side B:
4. Dead Don’t Dance
5. Go Away
6. White Line Frankenstein

Side C:
7. Big Boots
8. Rules Of The Road
9. The Big Goodbye

Side D:
10. Road Rats Forever
11. Baby Please Don’t Go
12. 100 More Miles
13. Magic Bus

Tracklisting (DVD/Blu-ray):
2022 Hellfest Show:

01. Feed My Frankenstein,
02. No More Mr. Nice Guy,
03. Bed Of Nails,
04. Hey Stoopid,
05. Fallen In Love,
06. Go Man Go,
07. Guitar Solo by Nita Straus,
08. Roses On White Lace,
09. I’m Eighteen,
10. Poison,
11. Billion Dollar Babies,
12. The Black Widow Jam,
13. Steven,
14. Dead Babies,
15. I Love The Dead,
16. Escape,
17. School’s Out

Track by Track-Label Info

I’m Alice

“I’m Alice” is just a song that Ryan Roxy brought in. And we just blew it up into this incredible opening song, where Alice’s is just “I’m Alice”, that kind of thing big and crazy and really cool. But it could only be an opening song.

“Welcome to show”

“Welcome to show” is telling the audience “Here it is”. We’re ready to go. We are fully loaded. And here it comes.

“All Over The World”

All over the world is one of those things where, you know, it was basically a travelogue about all the places that you go to. And you even talk about places that are so obscure, you know, that nobody ever goes to he spent time in jail in Japan. And then he’s in this and he’s that. And again, once again, it’s overblown. And it’s exaggerated. But it’s a bit of a comment on you do go everywhere

“Dead Don’t Dance”

The dead don’t dance is just you know, it was one of those songs that it was just a great riff. And the lyric was just very tricky, and fun to write. And I don’t think we’re considered a dance band. Our audience is not, you know, deadheads were the undead heads.

“Go Away”

Go away is about a guy who gets one of those girls, or guys that will not give up. They just are there. Every time you turn the corner, they’re there. And it’s nice that they’re fans, but this guy or this girl, will not get the answer. It’s over. And that makes it very funny. Because he’s just “could you just go away”

“White Line Frankenstein”

White Line Frankenstein is the monster that we created. That’s the truck driver or the bus driver. And he’s the guy that lives on there. He is a road rat for ever. He’s the king of the road. He doesn’t live in a house. He lives in that truck. You know, that is his truck. And that’s where he lives. And he is the king of that. The white line Frankenstein has the white lines going past him, not the white lines going in his nose.

“Big Boots”

Big boots is the funniest song of the album. The band stops at a diner and the girl comes up. And she’s really cute. And she’s from the south. And she talks like that a little bit. Her name is Fancy. And the guy goes wow, she’s got big boots. Of course the audience are gonna go “big boots”. Right? That I think is my favorite song on the album. Because it’s right there, you know, with “Cold Ethyl” or something like that.

“Rules Of The Road”

Rules of the Road is something that when Shep used to talk, he used to tell other young managers there’s three things you have to remember as a manager. 1. “Get the money”, 2. “don’t forget to get the money”, 3. ”never forget to get the money”. And so we wrote this whole section about telling a kid if you’re going to be a rock star, if somebody gives it to you, you take it. If somebody hands you the keys, steal it. And so on and on. And at the end, of course it says, if you follow all of these rules, you’re gonna die.

“The Big Goddbye”

The big goodbye is always that thing that every girl dreads. It’s the fact that she wants that relationship to be forever. In the 70s guys just went through girls like a hot knife through butter. And in the end, he’s going you knew who I was. Why are you shocked at this? You know, the big goodbye. So again, it’s another I’m not saying right or wrong. I’m saying that it’s what he has happened in the past and it was just part of the deal.

“Road Rats Forever”

Road Rats Forever is of course a remake of the song “road rats”. From “Lace and whiskey”. It was too perfect for this album. It was our tip of the hat to the roadies. You know, the show doesn’t go on without these guys. They’re the pirate ship

“Baby Please Don’t Go”

Baby please don’t go is a heartbreaker. That’s the one that everybody has gone through. It’s that last minute when you know you’re going to be gone for three months. And the worst thing that she can say is Baby please don’t go. Because you know you have to go she knows you have to go but still. You don’t want to think about it.

“100 More Miles”

100 more miles is the guy that’s just beat to hell. He’s been on an eight month tour. He’s finally almost there. Maybe he’s a truck driver. Maybe he’s a bus driver. And that last 100 Miles is like 1000 miles because it’s like running in sand in a dream. You can’t seem to get home, you know wherever it is. Chuck Garrick brought that song in.

“Magic Bus”

We just couldn’t think of a better cover to do than Magic Bus because we all live in a bus. And what The Who have contributed to at least our career. I mean, they were a huge influence on us. We got who in the Yardbirds, of course. So we just said well, let’s do a version of it. Let’s do a little bit. A lot. We did our own live in the studio. And I don’t think there was any overdubs on that one. We just did it all right then, and it just came out great.


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